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Distress Sale Property Exit or Entry Solutions

A distressed property is one that is finding it difficult to sustain the debt due to higher rate of interest rates or could be because of owner circumstances have changed like due to loss of job, losses in business, ill health, family partition or divorce etc. Though bank advertises NPA in newspapers but a lot of introspection has to be done with all the legal auction and ramifications. Moreover, to save humiliation and hassle from bank which forces the distress property owners to sell their property at giveaway or discounted rates. So that they can raise capital for their repayment of their debt and consolidate financially.

At HPFC we work with around 100+ agents which have good network and reputation in Gurugram (Gurgaon). We get a lot of properties which are in great location but due some reason or the other the property owner wants to sell their distress property. So we have created a platform in which distress property owner finds the buyer and can easily dispose their property on urgent basis. Just call to us and we will work on the closest matches from our network of agents and, if required, arrange a customized and independent viewing trip for you, showing you only the properties you want to see in Gurugram (Gurgaon).

Let us help you to sold out or find out the Distress Properties.

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