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HPFC prides itself in delivering high-quality design and construction projects that aim to be functional, visually attractive and long lasting. Our company consists of skilful interior designers, architects and engineers to plan and build the best homes, offices and commercial spaces in the GURUGRAM (GURGAON).

HPFC offers you a worry-free experience in planning, designing and building your dream home. With HPFC, you don't have to needlessly worry about contacting different people and obsessively overseeing the construction development of your property. HPFC guarantees that our team of professional experts in design and construction industry stays with you throughout the entire process from design conceptualization to construction development and project turnover. We design to make it happen, you can rest assured that no money and time are spent unwisely. Our knowledge in costing and wide network of suppliers will help you maximize your budget and time. Experience HPFC and you will get a sense of our nature as you get to know who we are as a company and what we can do as you make important decisions to build your home for your family.


HPFC offers creative interior design solutions for residential, offices and commercial spaces nationwide. No matter where you are in the GURUGRAM, with our expertise and innovative infrastructure you can rest assured that we can deliver the project to you while keeping in mind your design requirement within the timeframe you need the project. Our Interior Design solutions comes with 2D space planning, 3D rendered perspective, animation & video walkthrough and furniture design. As long as you can imagine what you want for your space no matter how small or big we can design it especially customizable for you individual lifestyle. If you own a condo or wants to decorate your home our interior design solutions is what you need. Contact us now and we will take care of everything you need.


Our Architectural Design Solution reciprocates the needs and aspirations of our clients. We don't just design houses we give you the home environment you deserve. We design your home base on your budget and the quality you want keeping in mind the aesthetic value that you desire. We know the parameters of our designs from conceptualization, to cost analysis and feasibility study to zoning laws, height requirements, setbacks and other design discipline the project requires for every location (HUDA Sector & Private Builders Township & Colonies) and municipality areas, all these are factored in our architectural design. If you own a vacant lot the Architectural Design Solution is what you need. Don't rush to construction, let's sit down and plan your home.


With the right infrastructure and skilled workers with years of experience in construction industry HPFC is the right partner for your construction needs. Whether you are looking to build a new home or renovate a certain part of your house. HPFC Solution is what you need. All of our construction projects are insured and abides standard Haryana Building Code 2016 of the Haryana Government. We have a wide network of workers to guarantee the sustainability of your project. Our program consist of real time monitoring so you get to know what is happening wherever you are.

Dream & Create Inspiring Offices interior design and construction that enhances your brand.


If you have been searching for a good renovation package that gives your house a new and stylish look, you are at the right place. HPFC provides homeowner reliable and professional renovation services.  We make sure all contractors are qualified & well experienced.

Besides making sure the house is nicely renovated, our team will also look into usability and space utilization for your home renovation.

HPFC aims to provide reliable and quality renovation services in Gurugram (Gurgaon). Our objective is to provide a great service to our customers so that they enjoy the renovation process of transforming their home to their dream house.  We understand how important a house to a home owner. Thus, we always listen to our client’s requirements and expectations.  Every renovation jobs are taken professionally and seriously, from the starting of providing consultation to post-renovation works rectification.  Your requirements and complaints will be properly taken care of.

HPFC strives to deliver great renovation services. On top of that, fulfilling your budget requirement.

We welcome home owners to contact us and get a satisfactory quotation for your house renovation project.

Our House Renovation Services cover:

-          Kitchen Cabinets
-          Bathroom Renovation
-          House Extensions
-          Plaster Ceiling
-          Electrical Works
-          Tiling Works
-          Painting Works
-          Plumbing Works
-          Carpentry / Cabinets
-          Grill, Gates & Awnings
-          Interior Designing
-          Roofing & Waterproofing
-          Window and Glass
-          Gardens / Landscaping
-          Other Renovation Works


HPFC specializes in office renovation, commercial renovation as well as building maintenance and services to diverse industries in the marketplace.

Our teams are well-equipped with vast experience in office renovation work for commercial properties from SME scale, corporate office to retail outlets in its nature. They are dedicated to provide value-added services and comprehensive range of office renovation work, remodelling, refurbishment and integrated project management.

Being one stop office renovation solutions, our works include ceiling, partition, painting, flooring, glass, sound proof solutions, air-conditioning and electrical wiring, customized carpentry work, security access system and so on. Renovation quality is always our top focus.

If you intend to renovate your office, shop-lots or retail lots, rest assured we are your ultimate and trusted choice to transform your office into a conducive and dream working environment practically fit your office usage and corporate image with minimal flaw execution, careful planning of resources and clean after work services.

Exceeding clients’ expectations has always be our core value at work. We aim to give our finest and timely services to our clients. Please contact us for a no obligation consultation.

HPFC services include below:

-          Project management
-          Partition & ceiling work
-          Plaster ceiling work
-          Painting work
-          Wallpaper and carpet
-          Window blinds
-          Office filling system
-          Office furniture
-          Flooring-tiles, wood, laminated & carpet
-          Reception counter
-          Design and space planning
-          Conference room furniture


Innovation, intelligence and functionality, these characteristics are what we considered our driving force as we work our way to the top to be one of Asia’s leading design and build firm. We aim for design excellence in all aspects of architecture and interior design by ensuring that we delight our customers and shareholders through well-planned project execution. Down to design conceptualization, planning and blue print until the actual construction and final product takes place. It is here at HPFC, where you can find a team of highly skilful professionals who are passionate to deliver and provide you the transformation of your dream home into reality. Our firm believes that, designers' core essence is not only focused on blue prints and plans rather, it is about innovation and the ability to create fond memories to a place wherein you can experience comfortable lifestyle at its finest. If you want to hire an excellent design and build firm for your real estate properties, consider HPFC as your partner as we commit our expertise in design conceptualization, construction and furniture customization to help and be with you in every step of the way.

Within Budget
Our proposals will be created based on your budget and requirements.  We will advise you the right jobs and the essentials based on your budget.

We know how important is to deliver on time.  Whether you own a shop or commercial property, every single day when your shop is not open for business, it will cause you further cost. For home owner that has selected an auspicious date to move in, we understand you have to get your house ready by then.  We strive to provide our client a smooth and on time renovation work.  If we are unable to commit, we will let you know in advance, so that you can be prepared with the backup plan.


Customized solutions as per your requirement.

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