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At IREO Skyon, you will experience a whole new level of living where things happen at the touch of a button. Whether it is answering the front door, adjusting the curtains, pre-scheduling electrical gadgets, setting safety alerts or much more - now it's all possible with a simple touch of your Portable Home Console (PHC). Harnessing the best of home control technology to provide insightful, relevant solutions for a variety of everyday needs, IREO Skyon features homes that are truly future-ready.

Combine that with its prime location within Gurgaon, its uniquely eye-catching "sweeping balconies" architecture, its carefully designed viewing corridors that overlook a central Golf Park, it's world class clubhouse - and you can see why IREO Skyon is a dream come true.

Come experience the magic of space age living. Come experience happiness multiplied.


Furthermore, IREO Skyon is located in Sector-60, Gurugram / Gurgaon within the upcoming 500 acre master-planned IREO City Township, which means it will be in close proximity to premium recreational district with hi-end retail, recreational clubs, 5-star hotel and much more.


Step into the exciting new dimension of living where your home amplifies the way you lead your life. The nerve centre of this space age lifestyle is the portable home console, which is also provided in wall mounted version. You can now draw curtains, unlock your front door, modulate lighting and enjoy various other conveniences of space age living by just clicking on your portable home console.

Mood-Lighting -
Light affects mood and depending on your mood, you need different intensity of lighting around you. For example, bright lights for reading or playing with kids and dim lights for a dinner get together or while having some quiet time by yourself. With the portable home console, modulate the lights as per your mood, create better light dispersion and soften the light so that it does not glare in your eyes. What's more, you can even choose a pre-configured light setting from your portable home console. That means different light settings in different rooms with one simple touch. The next time you hold a dinner party, just choose the appropriate light setting on your portable home console to create the perfect ambience! And if you're talking efficiency, this also helps you conserve energy.

Curtain-Control -
Your home at Ireo has large windows, specially designed to let in abundant natural light and fresh air, and offer a stunning view outside. However, opening and closing the window curtains, and managing the multiple curtains can be quite a task. So, we have added a dash of comfort for you. There is provision for installing automated curtains and operating them using the portable home console. With this feature, you can control the amount of natural light in your room by drawing the curtains from the comfort of your couch. While going out you do not have to run around to pull all the curtains. Do it using your portable home console!

Pre-Set Gadgets -
Imagine a home that switches on your geyser before you even wake up, takes care of your laundry and dishes while you are away at work - your smart home is nothing less than a dream home!

Using the portable home console, you can set a timer for appliances such as geyser, washing machine, dish washer, etc. They will operate at the set time automatically. The portable home console also serves as a one-point access to remotely turn on and off any gadget in your home. Daily chores are taken care of at the push of a button while you attend to more important tasks.

Master Switch -
Customize profile settings for the entire home with one single switch on your portable home console - the Master Switch, which allows you to choose between four home profile options - IN/OUT/MAID/HOLIDAY.

The 'OUT' option switches off all electrical gadgets in your home except the ones you deliberately specify - like the refrigerator. So when rushing out of home, you do not have to go to each room to switch off various appliances. Conversely, when you come back home from work, you can choose the 'IN' option to turn back power for all the appliances you need at one go. When the maid is working in your absence, you do not have to worry about your LCD TV, AC or other appliances being misused. When set to "MAID" setting, power will be provided to only those appliances that the maid needs to use. And the 'HOLIDAY' mode schedules certain lights of your home to switch on and off at specific time intervals, giving outsiders the impression you are still home.

VRV Air-Conditioning -
Your home is pre-installed with innovative climate control conditioners that cool as well as warm your apartment as required. Unlike conventional air-conditioners, the VRV system gives you independent control to set the temperature for each room at different levels. Though VRV is a centralized system for home air conditioning, you can choose to keep the AC active only in those parts of home that are occupied. This not only helps in maintaining a comfortable temperature but also helps you save energy. Moreover, the high performance compressor used in the VRV system results in high energy savings. Its quiet operation adds to your comfort.


Remote Door Unlock with Video Phone Facility -
Most of your days begin with a door bell - from the milkman, your maid or your driver. And as the day progresses, someone or the other keeps dropping in - postman, courier guy, your kids, their friends, tutors and so on. The portable home console gives you the comfort of opening and closing the front door from anywhere in your home. Moreover, you can even see the image of the visitor on your portable home console and talk to him/her before opening the door.

Digital Keypad -
A digital keypad is installed at the front door. Family members and the guests staying at your place can use a pre-set digital code to open the door from outside. They do not have to carry duplicate house keys. These codes can be changed from time to time for security purpose. No more fuss over misplacing your keys or wasting time looking for them.

Fire and Gas Alarm Alerts -
"Did I turn off the gas?" "What if a fire breaks out and burns down my house?" Finally, you can leave behind these nagging thoughts that haunt you whenever you are away from home.

The intelligent sensors in your smart home detect gas leakage and fire breakouts. These sensors automatically raise an alarm and send a signal to your building's Command Centre informing the security team about the exact location where the fault is. What's more, it can also be programmed to send an SMS alert to your mobile phone, in case you are out of home when the emergency happens. Drive to work peacefully as your smart home takes care of itself!

Emergency Button -
Let the portable home console come to your rescue when you are caught in an emergency situation. If there is a medical emergency, a fire breakout, a burglar in the house or any other contingency where outside help is required, just press the emergency button on the portable home console and an alert is sent to the Command Centre of your building.


High Speed Fiber Optic Connectivity -
Fiber optic cables are known for their high speed and bandwidth. These cables can carry multiple voice, video and data signals at an amazing speed. Multiple service operators can run on a single cable without causing cross signal interference. To put it simply, no more cross talks on phones and weak channel signals on cable TV. Moreover, you can download videos in a jiffy. With a separate fiber optic cable for each apartment, enjoy uninterrupted services for internet, telephone and cable TV!

TV Raceways -
A TV set has a whole medley of wires at its back that connect it to other devices such as set-top box, DVD player, Xbox, amplifiers, speakers, etc. If these wires are left in the open, it gives a very cluttered and untidy look to your room. To manage these multiple cables, a raceway has been installed in each room. All the wires from the TV to its component run through the raceway, giving a neat and tidy look to your room. The raceway is pre-installed inside the wall of each room that has a TV plug point.

IPTV Ready -
By connecting TV to internet, IPTV has redefined the TV viewing experience. Modern day TVs are ready for direct internet downloads. Be it streaming of video, real time gaming that needs high-speed internet connection, replaying television programs or watching videos on demand - it has all become possible with IPTV. The wiring in your smart home is IPTV enabled. We have provided internet connection at each TV plug point. The IPTV connections are backed by UPS wiring to ensure that you do not experience even a moment of interruption. Go ahead and experience home entertainment like never before!

Centrally Installed Wi-Fi -
Wi-Fi has been installed at a central location, which provides clear connectivity from anywhere in your home. It is backed by UPS wiring so that when power outage / changeover happens your activities do not get disrupted even for a moment. Stay connected, always!

Intelligent Wiring -
When it comes to cabling, we comply with international networking standards such as TIA/EIA, ISO and ANSI. We have used LAN Cat 5 cables for internet and data connectivity within your home and 3GHz DTH grade cables for bringing DTH connection to every room.

The wiring is not only of superior quality, it is intelligently structured too. All the wires run from a centralized box to their respective plug points. The pathway for each wire conduit is designed in such a way that you can easily change the wires, if required, from this centralized box.

That's not all! In most builder apartments, all rooms are connected with one single wire in a series. If multiple applications are run on a single wire, the quality of output goes down. At IREO, we provide separate telephone, internet and cable TV/DTH cables in each room. This benefits you in multiple ways. You can choose a different service operator for telephone and internet services in each room. Since there is a separate cable TV wire to each room, you can install a different set-top box for each TV. Depending upon the preferences of your family members, you may want a different cable operator in each room. Or, if you are planning to install an HDTV, you would need a different type of set-top box for it. Despite having multiple service operators for telephone, cable and internet, there will be no cross signal interference.

Building Management Services:

We have used the best technology and adopted the best measures to ensure that your home at IREO is a safe haven for you and your family. There is a state-of-the-art Command Centre that keeps 24-hour vigilance on the entire premises. In case there is any emergency, the Command Centre is notified immediately. Apart from the regular safety measures like camera surveillance of shared public zones and strong fencing around the campus, we have installed a lift monitoring system. If a lift breaks down at any moment, the Command Centre will also be informed about where exactly the lift is stuck so that the repair team can reach the location as quickly as possible.

That's not all! You no longer have to wait at the campus entrance for verification. The automatic sensors scan residents' cars from a distance and automatically open the boom barrier.

Copper Telephone Lines -
We have installed one copper telephone connection in each apartment. In case of an emergency involving massive power outage, you will still be able to maintain touch with the rest of the world through this self-powered line. This connection is also used for communicating with the building Command and Operation Centres.

3 Pin Socket -
With the new 3-pin plugs, you do not have to hunt for a pencil to insert a 2-pin plugs. Moreover, these plugs have an in-built child safety lock.

32 AMP Points -
In your smart home, we have anticipated your needs and created wiring provisions accordingly. After all, why miss out on comfort for want of proper wiring? Take for example a 32 amp socket point for radiator heaters in your living room and master bedroom. If you prefer radiator heaters over AC heating, you would surely need this high amp socket point. As you know, radiator heaters cannot run on regular sockets. With the 32 amp socket, you can enjoy the benefits of radiator heating without worrying about a fire in the circuit board.

Dual Meter -
Your electricity bill includes the units consumed for normal power and DG power. Unlike other builders who bill you on an average price per unit calculated on total units (normal and DG) consumed by the entire residential complex, at Ireo you pay only for what you use. With the dual metering system, you are billed separately for normal power and DG. Since you are not billed on the basis of the average consumption of the entire complex, you get the benefit for saving electricity.




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