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 New Loans, Balance Transfer & Top up Home Loans, Loan Against Property (LAP), Lease Rent Discount (LRD), CPPL at Lowest Interest Rates in Gurugram, Noida, Faridabad, Greater Noida, Delhi NCR


1)  HOME LOANS: If you can dream it, you can own it! Everything you need to know to avail of a For New Homes, Resale Homes, Home Construction, Home Renovation / Improvement / Extension & Plot Loans is right here.
Fresh Loan, Re-Financing, Balance Transfer and Top Up

2)  CONSTRUCTION FINANCE / BUILDER FUNDING: This solution is aimed at providing funding to real estate developers for project acquisition and construction cost against project sales receivables. The loan is project & developer specific towards completion of residential projects.

We are pioneer in arranging funding or finance facility for Builders & Developers. For funds, we are associated with some Indian and Foreign companies. Whether this is loan against project or other property, we have solution for every need.

3)  MORTGAGE LOANS: We arrange products to satisfy your unique needs and expectations. It is our earnest endeavour to offer the best possible loan product.

Loan Against Property (LAP): Get instant liquidity when you require it the most without selling your property.

Loan Against Rented Property (LRD): If you own a commercial property that is leased out to a corporate with a fixed rent receivable, you can avail a loan against your annual rental income.

Commercial Property Purchase Loan (CPPL): If you are planning to buy commercial property to expand your business, count on us.

4)  TERM LOANS: Our solutions are aimed at providing customized products which will ease out your worries and drive you closer to your goals. It can be an investment, an acquisition or business expansion – with our wide portfolio of offerings under Secured business loans; we have every solution to meet your diverse business needs.

Term Loans against Property (Residential and Commercial): Be it commercial or residential, the hidden potential of your property can help you fulfill your desired business goals. With Loan against Property, you can get ready funds and you don't even have to sell your invaluable asset.

Term Loans for Purchase of Property (Commercial and Industrial): What happens when a lucrative business idea or expansion opportunity knocks on your door? You need must be prepared to make the most out of it. Our tailor-made loans for the purchase of commercial and industrial property make sure that you have the power to bring that opportunity to life.

Term Loan against Property Rentals (Commercial Property): Term Loan against rental discounting is loan against future rent receivables from the commercial properties that are leased out to organizations of repute. The loan can be used for meeting your working capital requirements or to grow your business.

5)  SME LOANS: Expand your Business today, pay as you grow. Making Dreams come true. Catering to the funding needs of small and medium enterprises, our quick and hassle-free SME Loans are tailor-made for your varied business requirements.
Project Finance, Equipment Finance, Working Capital Loan etc.

6)  LOAN AGAINST SECURITIES: Take care of your financial needs without liquidating your investments.


8)  FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE for NPA ACCOUNTS & BUILDERS: We also arrange financial assistance for NPA Accounts & BUILDERS, an area where no other institution or banking organization extend due to statutory and other limitations.

We also work exclusively for NPA Segment, whether you can say it as NPA Retrieval, Loan for NPA, Finance for NPA, Funding for NPA, Private finance for NPA, NPA Takeover, NPA Financing, NPA Restructuring, Finance facility for NPA accounts, Transfer of NPA accounts, NBFC or Bank for NPA apparently all things are same.

Bottom line is this, we will help you to transfer your NPA account in one of our Lender Company, so that you can have more time to pay off your debts and also save your precious property from the Bank SARFASI Act. So that you feel satisfied and relieved. Only one condition is there, that value of your property or collateral must be double of your NPA account. If yes, then please feel free to contact us and make yourself free from this Saturn of Financial World.

NPA is a stage where growth of a company or as an individual totally inhibits due to unavailability of funds from banks and other financial institutions. This will also exerts lots of mental pressure on borrower towards the growth and to save their precious property from the jaws of Bank.

9)  PRIVATE EQUITY: In Finance, private equity is an asset class consisting of equity securities and debt in operating companies that are not publicly traded on stock exchange. It consist of investor or funds that make investment directly in to private companies or conduct buyouts of public companies that result in de-listing of public equity.

10) SERVICES for INVESTORS: Due to our peculiar role related to NPA Accounts Consultancy, we come across wide business activities providing excellent opportunity for investors returns backed with reasonably good security.

Those investors looking for ready projects for diversification ready platforms with skilled manpower.

We are authorised Channel Partners (DSA) of Multiple Banks / MNC / NBFC Companies / PRIVATE Funding etc.

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